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You have already chosen a theme for your wedding? Well, now think about organizing the bridal shower! For a woman, marriage does not stop only at the hen party and reception; it is also a new forward-looking perspective. Hence the interest she feels good surrounded by her close friends and family.


What is a bridal shower?


It is indeed a party organized in honor of the bride. Coming from Netherlands and Anglo-Saxon tradition, the bridal shower eventually seduce more than a couple in France. To get an idea, it would be a similar event to the one organized for the hen party. This is an opportunity to adorn the bride with flowers and presents. This party is usually organized by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids before the bride pronounces her definitive "yes". Preferably, think to host the event between one to three months before the wedding day.


How to Host a Bridal Shower?


Contact the friends and family of the bride for their opinion. And after discussing the details, you will need to find an available venue and set a date on weekend. Then make sure everything (guest list, budget, choice of theme, menu, decoration purchase, etc.) is ready before the day of the bridal shower. Consider decorating in and around the venue. Finally, plan a series of games to liven up the party.

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