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How to set up a Henna Bridal Shower?


If you have chosen an Indian or Oriental wedding theme, know that there is an essential event to discover: The Henna bridal shower! This is about a happy time which adds an original touch to the wedding ceremony. So make sure to include it in the wedding preparations for an unforgettable wedding.



What is a Henna bridal shower?


A henna bridal shower is a practice coming from Hindu, Muslim and Jewish traditions. This is both the henna ceremony and hen party. It often takes place before the religious marriage. A part of the henna bridal shower consists of a stylized decoration on some body parts of the bride and the other women. Using a paste made from dried henna leaves, the henna artist or nekacha will draw decorative patterns on the feet and / or hands of the bride. The organization of this ceremony usually returns to the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. It can take place between one to seven days before the wedding day. During this decorating session that may last between 1 to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the designs, the bride may be entertained by her friends, family  and dancers. Know that the pricing of this service will depend mostly on the complexity of the chosen decorative patterns and each artist.



What is the difference between a bridal shower and a henna bridal shower?


From different cultures (Hindu, Oriental) , the henna bridal shower presents many similarities with the bridal shower: Gift-giving to the bride, adorn the bride, etc.

The henna bridal shower has a more traditional aspect and focuses on the toilette of the bride. Indeed, there are standards and traditions that must be taken into consideration, whether Hindu or Oriental. Moreover, it always have the same theme and is organized just a few days before the religious marriage, while the Bridal shower is organized much earlier, and can have any theme.

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