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Tips to save on your wedding budget 

When one wants to celebrate their love and face financial difficulties, there are little tricks to organize a beautiful wedding with limited costs and enjoy one of the most beautiful days of their life:

- Getting married in low season allows taking advantage of the lower prices of the providers who often increase their rates during the high season.

- Holding a wedding reception in the afternoon rather than in the evening to better manage expenses related to reception, meals and other costs inherent in wedding.

- Holding its wedding ceremony and reception in the same place in order to save on the venue's rental and thus reduce the cost of this service.


- Buy your wedding dress once at wedding fairs to benefit from good discounts (up to -30%).


- Reduce the guest list as the more guests there are, the higher the cost of each service will be.

- Choose flowers that are seasonal and reuse the flowers that served for the ceremony in the reception venue to avoid having to pay twice the florist's service.


- Simplify your wedding menu because the less you enrich it the less the costs of the meal will be important.


- Send invitations by email to save costs.

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