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Create a wedding website

Your wedding is more than just a special day – it’s a celebration of the love you’ve blossomed so far, and a commitment to the exciting years ahead. Sharing this adventure with the people who matter to you most throughout a wedding website can be a great and convenient idea.


More than just a techie trend, A wedding website is a fun and practical tool that you’ll be thankful to have in your wedding kit. From your gift registry to directions to your venue – your wedding website can be the online hub for everything your guests need to know to prep for your big day.

To create a wedding website, There are many aspects you should take into consideration:

-Just like your invitations, your website should really feel like your wedding

-Share your story with your guests. Include photos to make it fun.


-Show off each member of your bridal party with a photo and a quick paragraph about who they are and how you met them.

-Use the online RSVP feature to give your guests an easy way to let you know which events they are able to attend. But simultaneously, it’s important to keep the tradition using RSVP card paper especially for old people who are not keen on technology and prefer using traditional methods. Not to mention, there's always the possibility that the technology could fail you.


-Leave out any events on your schedule that not all your guests are invited to as it may be considered as rude.

Password-protect your site to protect your privacy and personal information such as your home address or phone number

-Make sure you include detailed travel information and the wedding date details. Be sure to include ceremony and reception addresses with links to discounted hotels. If there are climate or terrain considerations, include them here.

-Don't forget to write out a timeline


-Give your guests a heads-up on what's happening the day of the wedding, as well as before and after. Include the ceremony, cocktail and reception times (plus suggested arrival times), maps to the location(s), and/or information about transportation to and from the wedding.

-Finally, add your registries!

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